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- Muerte
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- Tags: miedo, terror, fantasia

alberto dijo el 12/12/2010

esta muy buena la imagen
Chikis dijo el 09/08/2015

In the cliff of the last picture, on the left side near the path, there are +/- two old and short rueots of Andrada and one or two about 30 m. long of Kim Santacatalina (as always good ones) and possibilitys for longer, I was there with Kim five years ago.I don't know if nowadays remainds like then. It takes 45 minutes to reach the place either by right or left. Have a good time
Vipin dijo el 17/08/2015

Good luck with the Spanish. I lived in Barcelona for two years so know the struggle and redwras of learning a new language. Check out breaking out of beginner's spanish a great guide to all the weird little mistakes gringo's make in Spanish. It also has a good section on the difference between Castilian and the various Latin American versions of spanish.Disfruta!
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