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Fondos de pantalla de Cavani, fondos de escritorio de Cavani, wallpapers de Cavani gratis.

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Daniela dijo el 02/12/2013

Me gusto muncho la imagen de Cavani los felisito bs desde Uruguay
Adolfo dijo el 17/08/2015

Well I thought so, Rafa as Napoli coach? No way he's going to make it easy for chlseea to buy Cavani. He says Napoli don't need money yet here Ʊ are insisting on dat high price tag (even Cavani barks at) and Dξ laurentiis saying he'll be upset with Cavani if he waits till †ђξ buy out clause expires on the 10th of August.. Its just money they're after My only pity goes to Cavani
Rigoleto dijo el 09/11/2015

I just wrote about this on another site,that I don't think there's any truth in that aneunncnmeot by Napoli club's radio,it's all a ploy by that club's president to just push-up his goods,and now here it is.I don't think that's cleverness either,it's rather selling your image and respect,in the name of trying to make your overrated player to be more expensive!
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