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Fondos de Feliz Cumpleaños

Fondos de pantalla de Feliz Cumpleaños, fondos de escritorio de Feliz Cumpleaños, wallpapers de Feliz Cumpleaños gratis.

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- Feliz Cumpleaños
- Medidas: 1024x768
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- Tags: fiestas, ocasiones especiales

dddff dijo el 02/08/2011

jose dijo el 01/11/2011

andrea dijo el 10/04/2012

sddsds dijo el 12/05/2012

Mirian Tamayo dijo el 31/05/2012

Feliz cumpleaños Pepe y Joaquina un saludo para todos un beso
Margarita dijo el 18/09/2012

Excelente, me enantó la imagen
mary dijo el 04/08/2013

buena imagen
Alena dijo el 10/08/2015

Yes! I remember my sgeerr was broken so I had to either hem all those ruffles .or trim them with bias tape! The tape sounded much better than all that hemming. lol I loved the result though. I made her one in 2009 for Christmas also without ruffles and it is beautiful too it looks so drastically different. A really great pattern!
Jeferson dijo el 17/08/2015

You know I have always loved this dress and this photo! So glad it's still getintg some wear. My oldest is now as tall as my nose! Time passes and it's hard to believe how big they get, but we also had to wait an hour at the Dr's today and they all did wonderfully. The journey is nice!
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