Volver a inicio Fondos de pantalla, fondos de escritorio Camaro, wallpapers de Camaro gratis.
fondos de pantalla

Fondos de Camaro

Fondos de pantalla de Camaro, fondos de escritorio de Camaro, wallpapers de Camaro gratis.

fondo de Camaro

- Camaro
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- Tags: autos, coches, motor

juan carlos avalos reyes dijo el 04/06/2014

Redhitta dijo el 09/11/2015

Ford Has Been Outselling The Camaro For The Last 30Years Yet Its Been Getting Its Ass Whooped By Them And I See New camaros Like Maybe Twice A day. There Not Popular Like Early 2010. But As Far As Mustangs. Ive Seen Only 4 2011 5.0s After 5Months Wich Is Good. The Less I See The Better. I Hated Mustangs For There Shitty Performance And Over Popularity-Oh And There Down Syndrome Fan Following.Idk If Ill Ever Trully Like Em!!
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