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Fondos de Selena Gomes

Fondos de pantalla de Selena Gomes, fondos de escritorio de Selena Gomes, wallpapers de Selena Gomes gratis.

fondo de Selena Gomes

- Selena Gomes
- Medidas: 1920x1440
- Descargas: 12786
- Tags: musica, cantantes

freddy dijo el 24/02/2013

america dijo el 28/03/2013

ay selena gomez (ILOVE)(ilove)(ILOVE)(ilove)(ILOVE)(ilove)(ILOVE)(ilove)iloveILOVE*
nachi dijo el 03/04/2013

Florencia dijo el 29/05/2013

esta bien chida esta foto wuaw me encanta I LOVE YOU :)
Bhupesh dijo el 26/06/2013

OOH! I love the tips feature! I tdeieifnly agree that while it's hard not to be, it's best to avoid being trendy at your wedding since you'll be looking at it, well, forever! I really like timeless looks. On my wedding day I wore some chapstick and then just a really subtle gloss. Gloss might not even be the right word. It was like a shimmer stick but not shimmer silver, just made your lips look nice and *moist* ? haha for lack of a better word but not like they were mirrors bouncing the sunshine into everybody's eyes all day. I just let my natural lip color do the work and it was so much less maintenance than putting on lipstick all day
Obuto dijo el 26/06/2013

Hollywood - аа энэ murguh bish bur zoodoon yum bishuuu net eer justin bieber fight paparazzi geed niiteltsen bn leeshdee tegeeed bur bieber - iig hels hergeer baitsaagaad bgaan bishuuu
elizabeth dijo el 06/06/2015

odio a selena me cae como las..... la odio se cree rica y es mas fea la .....
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